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How I got hooked on this game is still hard for me to believe...
No one in my family played much golf during my youth.  My late grandfather owned a set of clubs, though the last time they touched grass, other than his front lawn and in my hands, was some time in the late '60s.  As an only child growing up on Cape Cod, my parents always looked for ways to provide me with opportunities to interact with other children my age and pursue some sort of competitive endeavor. 

It remains unclear as to what kept me glued for hours to the television on weekend afternoons watching golf telecasts.  Perhaps it was the voices of Pat Summerall, Ken Venturi, or Peter Alliss that somehow grabbed my attention.  I'll probably never really know.
Noticing my interest, my parents enrolled me in a junior golf program at the age of six at a little public par-three golf course in the next town over. I eventually worked my high school summers away at the very same course, Little Harbor Country Club, for the same man who took me under his wing as a six-year-old boy.  


Working my way up from cleaning golf cars and washing floors, I made my way into the golf shop, began running the first tee and was locking up by the time I turned sixteen.

It was this same gentleman who encouraged me to pursue a career in the golf business following high school.  I agreed and set off for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to earn both a business degree and my PGA Class ‘A’ membership.  


Colorado was a natural fit, allowing me to pursue my college education and golf as well as my passions for skiing and mountaineering.  While at UCCS I was able to experience several once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in the golf business.  


My season-long internships took me to places I had never been, from Chicago to Pittsburgh to Palm Beach and Augusta, Georgia.  I also met some of the most amazing PGA Professionals in the business including Bob Ford, Paul Boland, Tim O'Neal, and many others.  The PGA, I've come to learn and admire, is filled with thousands of wonderful, smart, hardworking pros who sincerely enjoy helping others succeed.


What are my passions?  What drives me?  

Well for starters, I love to laugh - at anything, including myself.  I am a big believer that laughter can make the good times great and the bad ones more manageable.  

Having grown up on the Cape, I consider the Boston Red Sox practically family.  I'll also gladly lose my voice cheering for the Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics.  The Golf Channel is always the default "last" button on the remote at home. 
Anything golf.  I enjoy studying course architecture; the golf swing; the habits of great players and leaders in sports in general; the European Tour and other Tours that haven't always enjoyed the exposure of the PGA Tour; new technology that can help make both the average and elite players better; a good golf story now and then.
Show me a mountain and I'll go climb it.  While my hiking and backpacking have taken a bit of a backseat the last few years while I have focused on my family and career, I still have the itch to get back outside and connect with nature.  Nothing gives me a sense of calm and place quite like a good long walk in the woods.
I love the process of building a relationship.  Making a positive impact on someone's life, golf game, experience at the club, etc. puts a smile on my face.  I've never heard anyone say they have too many friends!
I am a voracious reader, especially in the winter when I have more time away from work.  I especially enjoy biographies and historical non-fiction.  


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